OUR Boxes

 Inside our boxes we  provide the basic clothing needs for about a week:

  • at least 10 different coordinated everyday outfits

  • one fancier outfit

  • 3-4 pjs

  • new packages of socks and underwear,

  • outdoor clothing as available.


These gently used clothes are from donations put together by size, season, and style. We sort clothes and pick the pieces with no obvious wear, holes or stains. As well as limit articles of clothing with written such as “I love Mommy”, or “Daddy’s little girl” due to the fact that we want to be sensitive to everyone’s family situation. After we have a collection of clothing we are happy with, we wash all clothing before it is intentionally folded into the box with each layer adding more joy for a parent or child to discover. The best part- everything goes with everything in the box! So at the end of the week if you have one pair of pants and one shirt. It will match!

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