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Little Willows started from a longing to better serve our community and the kids in it. We began by asking ourselves:


What if there was a way to take the excess from the overwhelmed and provide it to those in need? What if we could encourage everyone in our community to have just enough? How could we be part of the solution?

From these questions, an idea formed to create coordinated clothing sets from gently used clothes. We began by collecting clothes from many different families that no longer needed them. Our dream was to give new life to these well loved clothes so that when placed in the hands of a new family they felt like an intentional gift. In order to ensure the clothing sets meet our standards, we do a lot of sorting and organizing so we can meet the current size and seasonal needs of each child that receives it. This hard work is rewarded with the joy and ease it brings to families receiving a beautiful box.


Through local partnering organizations, it is our privilege to provide these beautiful, coordinated sets to children who need them.  Our hope is that each box helps cultivate strength & confidence in a child's life so they can withstand the greatest of challenges.

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